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Yoga and meditation

What is yoga?

It is a word and everyone will describe it in a different way. There are different types of yoga; From being physically very active to a silent variant. The general effect is the body-oriented exercises (asanas) and the breathing techniques (pranayamas).

One of the effects when you practice yoga is a reduction in your stress level. Your senses will calm down, your mind purifies what you see with increasing levels of concentration and performance. It has been scientifically proven that your blood pressure and heart rate drop. Your entire psychological and mental well-being is strengthened, with the help of a physical function that is always there, your breathing.

We do not suggest that yoga is the cure for or prevents things. We believe that you can ensure that standing close to your inner self makes choices and you can act with compassion. From softness and love.

Yoga during your time in Nepal

There is no better place to further expand your yoga experiences or to get acquainted with yoga than in Nepal. In a place with a view of the mountains, in a traditional temple in a small village where the villagers take time for spirituality or during your trek enjoy daily guided meditation and a gentle type of yoga exercises. Vision Adventure Nepal is focused to create a experience based on your wished, budget and time. Shape your yoga experience in a period of 1 day to 14 days.

Who will be your teacher? 

In 2015 I entered with my curious mind a shala in the south of the Netherlands. Years of practice with my passionate teacher with a ZEN background as well, before I expand my practice while traveling with fantastic KPJAYI teachers. Ken de Rolfer, Irena Bartolec and Ellen Johannessen.
I get my diploma as a Ashtanga Vinyasa flow teacher in India and in the recent years i was able to share my enthusiasm with many students in Bali, India, the Netherlands and Nepal.

I am curious every day, I want to learn from other people, from what is happening around me, from other cultures, from what is happening inside.
Everyone is started someday somewhere.