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Terms and Conditions

Booking form (the profile of the guest)
Must be fully completed before any trip will be start.  

The customer must have personal insurance coverage which included accidents, transportation to medical facilities, medical expenses, emergency evacuation and loss of damage to personal belongings. If you do not have this insurance and you sign this form you personally accept the responsibility to cover all the costs. You send a copy of your insurance together with this form.

Vision Adventure Nepal calculate for the conformation 30 percent of the full amount. The date for payment of balance will be specified in your confirmation. The full amount is paid minimum 1 day before starting of the trip. Until the deposit has not been transferred to the Vision Adventure Nepal Pvt. Ltd. account, your booking has not been confirmed.

Payments are deposited in the bank account of Vision Adventure Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in the name of the guest.

Mode of Payment: The payment options are the following. You may choose the option is most convenient for you.
Payment by wire transfer (USD):
Pay to: 
Vision Adventure Nepal Pvt. Ltd
Current A/C USD: 0570010152193
Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.
Account Type: Foreign Currency (USD.)
Branch: Thamel
Zipcode: 44600

Payment by wire transfer (Nepalese Rupee):
Pay to: 
Vision Adventure Nepal Pvt. Ltd
Current A/C USD: 0570010151146
Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.
Account Type:
Nepalese Currency (Nepalese Rupee)
Branch: Thamel
Bank Street Address:  
Thamel, Saraswati Sadan-26, Kathmandu, Nepal
Zipcode: 44600

Bank service charges related to deposits should be shouldered by the guest.
If payment is not made on time, there is a risk that the draw will be canceled on the part of Vision Adventure Nepal due to prepayments for tickets / permits / hotels.

Not completed trip and cancellation of a booking
Cancellation is only possible with an email to info@visionadventurenepal.com. The date of sending the message is the cancellation date.
If you cancel your trip before it starts, the following reimbursement structure will apply. We thank you for understanding and respecting this policy.
There will be no refund at all if you cancel the trip less than one week before the departure date of the trip.
Cancellation 14 days – 8 days prior to start date, 30% of total trip cost will be deducted.
Cancellation 15 days – 28 days prior to start date, 20% of total trip cost will be deducted.
Cancellation 29 days or more prior to start date, 10% of total trip cost will be deducted.

Cancellation by the company
We may be obliged to cancel your trip by reasons like flight cancel because of bad weather, permit not issued or cancelled by the government, war, riots, civil disturbances, strikes, natural disasters, terrorist activities or threat of such and closure of airport etc. Under such circumstance, we will advise you as soon as possible if we can offer you an alternative trip of comparable standard or make a refund of the money paid to us after deducting the expenses that was spent to make the bookings of the flights, permits, hotels and vehicle booking. A clear bill of the expenses will be provided to you so that you will be able to claim the insurance. However, we can be under no other liability to you in such cases.

Vision Adventure Nepal is not liable to refund any money when the trip is shortened then planned. In case of injury, illness, non interest or changed weather/ environmental and political condition. If your trip is not completed there is no refund at all after you start the trip.

Changes by you
If you wish to change your trip, you must inform our staff before the booking is start. Any extra charge or loss incurred due to such change will be borne by you.

If there are costs that the company incurs and loses due to cancellation, there is a possibility that Vision Adventure Nepal will explain this with a description and possible invoice, for which the guest is liable.

Vision Adventure Nepal shall always do its best but Nepal is an unpredictable and resource-poor environment, so we are not liable for any failures beyond our control. This covers natural disasters, war, closure of airports, civil strike, accidents or failure to perform by third parties. Vision Adventure Nepal accepts no responsibility for delay or cancellation of any flights, buses or other forms of transport.

We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal possessions or valuables of the customer. Please have adequate insurance.

Travel Insurance
We advise you to purchase comprehensive travel insurance package against medical, nature calamity, helicopter evacuation, personal accident and cancelation etc. We do not have any insurance policies to sell.

Privacy and publicity
Vision Adventure Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information.
You should agree that we (Vision Adventure Nepal Pvt. Ltd) can use image we have taken during the trip without any compensation to you. This is needed for publicity and promotion through whatever medium it can be.

Changes to these terms and condition
Vision Adventure Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has the authority and the right to change or modify all or any part of these terms and conditions.

Changes of itinerary
The trip is organized in advance and it can become necessary to make an adjustments/ alternation due to unforeseen/ unplanned circumstances. If possible, you will be advice such changes before environmental condition, accident, sickness civil unrest and areas deemed off limits by security forces. While on trip your guide has full responsibility to take the appropriate action he/ she deems necessary.

Acceptance of conditions
I have to applied to join this trip and fully recognized and understood that certain risks and hazards may occur and I start that I am willing and competent to undertake the venture. I also recognize, understand and fully accept the responsibility and authority of the company and the appropriate decisions/ actions the company or its representative may take. I have read and fully understood all terms and conditions of this document and the general terms and conditions and accept them.

You will send a copy of your passport and insurance together with this form.